WWII Australian Historical Portfolio

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WWII Australian Historical Portfolio

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  • Recapture Australia's WWII experience through original artefacts!
  • Great value - comprises a whopping 17 pieces of memorabilia!
  • Housed in a richly informative, museum-style folder.
  • Discover Australia's journey in Europe, the Pacific and beyond.
  • Coin dates and stamp types of our choice.

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The Second World War began nearly 80 years ago. Re-imagining Australia's experience - or revisiting fading memories - is becoming increasingly difficult. Now at Macquarie Mint, the superb WWII Australian Historical Portfolio transports us back to those years of conflict. With 17 pieces of memorabilia as your guide, you can now journey from the outbreak in 1939 to the declaration of Peace in 1945 - from Europe to the Mediterranean and beyond.

Tremendous value-for-money

This superb set is your comprehensive conduit to WWII. It comprises a huge 17 pieces - meaning that you pay no more than $11.20 per item! Each piece is housed in a richly-informative folder within archival bubble, providing you with a museum-style experience to be enjoyed again and again.

Relics of the Western Front

The end of WWI left Germany in disarray. Subjected to a punitive list of demands through the Armistice, the country was flung deeper and deeper into economic downturn. The Germans needed a new leader - which they got, in the form of Adolf Hitler.

Hitler's grim legacy is no secret, but less common is the knowledge of the artefacts issued in his likeness. An original 1941 6 Riechspfennig stamp bears his portrait, included in this portfolio, and is accompanied by a replica German Wound Badge, German 1939-40 1 Reichspfennig coin, Russian 1939 10 Kopek stamp and British 1939-45 Halfpenny. These artefacts from the Western Front paint a bleak picture of an enduring and sinister conflict.

Mementoes of the Mediterranean and North Africa

Thousands of kilometres away, war raged on a different stage, as the Allied forces were desperate to retain control of Egypt and the Suez Canal. The Libyan town of Tobruk also needed to be defended - should the Axis powers gain control, supply lines would be opened up, and they would earn a pivotal advantage that could bring devastating consequences.

It was this knowledge that motivated the Australian soldiers to tenaciously defend Tobruk through gritty, unforgiving trench warfare. Nazi propagandists dismissed the Diggers as 'rats' - and the Australians wore the nickname with pride. Included in this portfolio, a replica Rats of Tobruk medal stands as a firm reminder of the power and resilience of the Australian troops under adverse circumstances.

Meanwhile, courage and tenacity was also on display in Greece and Crete. While ultimately forced to retreat, the Allies fought valiantly to defend the country from German attack. A genuine Greek 500,000 Drachmas note and Italian 1939-43 20 Centesmi coin are featured in this collection: a telling reminder of a very different time for the Mediterranean.

The Pacific theatre: War hits close to home

While the Western Front, Mediterranean and African continent seemed far away for Australia, a very real sense of danger began to emerge as battles erupted in the Pacific. Japan had gained momentum, achieving a series of devastating victories from Guam to Singapore, and even attacking select targets on the Australian mainland. Fear of Japanese invasion on home soil was rife. Featured in this collection, genuine Japanese Invasion Money is a gripping memento from this turbulent time.

Amidst all this turmoil, Australian politics became an uncertain game. Liberal Prime Minister Robert Menzies resigned in 1941, and was eventually succeeded by John Curtin of the ALP. Curtin's views on the conflict differed drastically to his predecessor's opinions. He declared it to be the 'War for Australia,' dismissing ties with Britain in favour of a new, stronger relationship with the US. After many months of uncertainty, the Battle for the Coral Sea saw a combined Australian/US force reign supreme: suddenly, things were beginning to look up. Included in your set, the US 1944 1c coin and 1942 3c stamp were issued in pivotal years for the Australian/US partnership: genuine artefacts of these new, strengthened ties.

At home during WWII

While most of Australia did not experience conflict first-hand, the effects of the war were widespread. From the series of bombings on Darwin in 1942 and 1943 to the rural Interment Camps housing POWs and civilians deemed too risky to release, the war brought a raft of new experiences to Australia. A genuine Australian penny and shilling, replica ration tickets and replica Hay Internment Camp token shed some light on what life must have been like - and a genuine Australian 1945 Peace Stamp demonstrates the incredible relief felt by all once the conflict had finally drawn to a close.

With a sensational 17 pieces of memorabilia, this portfolio would make a superb gift for the history buff or militaria aficionado! Secure yours today from Macquarie Mint.

Note: Within each range specified, this set includes our choice of dates (of coins) and types (of stamps).

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