History of Australian Coinage Collection

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History of Australian Coinage Collection

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  • Better than two-for-one offer
  • Celebrates Australia's most important and most iconic coins!
  • Faithful reproductions of Australian rarities finished in precious metals
  • A range of FREE accessories
  • Certificates of Authenticity & Ownership
  • Limited edition – 5,000 collections worldwide

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Whether a newcomer to the intriguing world of numismatics or a discerning seasoned collector, there are coins we can only ever dream of obtaining.  Filling the gap created by prices reflecting the scarcity of the originals, Macquarie Mint has worked with experts in the field of Australian numismatics to create the History of Australian Coinage Collection.

Instant Savings

Your first issue in the History of Australian Coinage Collection is the 1813 Holey Dollar & Dump.  Order now for the unique Macquarie Mint Introductory Price of only $49.95 (instead of the regular price of $59.95 each), you immediately save $69.95. 

The Evolution Of Australian Coinage

One of the first coins struck in Australia, the Holey dollar is the outer part of a Spanish Silver Dollar which had the middle punched out of it.  The middle part formed a second small coin known as the ‘dump’.  40,000 Spanish Silver Dollars were imported as a unique solution to NSW’s coin shortage and Governor Bligh’s 1806 ban on rum as a currency.

Entering circulation in 1814, the 1813 Holey Dollar and Dump Struck was demonetised in 1829.  A number of the coins were exchanged for legal tender and melted into bullion.

The Holey Dollar and Dump is the first step through Australia’s rich coin production history.  Other recreations in this commemorative collection include Australia’s first gold sovereign, struck at the Sydney Mint in 1855 and the 1909 Australian Florin which never made it into production.

FREE Accessories

Each History of Australian Coinage Collection comes with a range of FREE accessories:

  • Custom presentation folder
  • Illustrated informative booklet detailing Australia’s most desirable numismatic releases
  • Certificate of ownership
  • Certificate of authenticity

Continue to Collect without Risk

Your purchase of the Holey Dollar andf Dump pair is your first step to completing your History of Australian Coinage Collection.  We will ship to direct to your door every 4 weeks an Australian  commemorative coin at the collectors’ price of $59.95 (plus $12.00 postage and handling).  Shop with confidence as each shipment is without obligation for 14 days.  Within this time, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you can return them, no questions asked. 

Sought-after collectibles

Desired for its limited availability, quality of strike and rich history, the History of Australian Coinage Collection celebrates Australia’s most renowned and highly regarded numismatic releases in one affordable commemorative collection. Finished in a variety of precious metals, each release is distinguished by faithful recreations of the obverse and reverse designs of the original.  Make sure you get your first official release ‘1813 Holey Dollar & Dump’ today and start the highly coveted "History of Australian Coinage Collection."

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Dimensions40mm Holey Dollar and 16mm Dump
Limited Edition5000
Special Feature27.7g Holey Dollar and 4.7g Dump
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