Frequently Asked Questions

These are the nine most common questions received by our Macquarie Mint Customer Service team. If you have a question that does not appear in this list of FAQs, please contact us.

1. How do Macquarie Mint's collections work?

2. What are Macquarie Mint's contact details?

3. Does Macquarie Mint have a mailing list?

4. Can I order from Macquarie Mint if I live outside Australia?

5. My purchase was damaged when I received it. Can I return it?

6. How long will it take to process my order?

7. What are Macquarie Mint's postage costs?

8. I signed up for Macquarie Mint's eNewsletter but haven't received it. What could be wrong?

9. Where do you source your telephone hold music from?

1.   How do Macquarie Mint's collections work? 

Macquarie Mint runs as a monthly subscription service. Once you sign up to a collection (by purchasing the first coin), you will automatically receive the remaining coins in the collection at the convenient and affordable rate of one coin every 28 days. There’s no obligation to stay with your subscription if you’re not happy. You can cancel your collection at any time, quickly and easily, with the help of our friendly customer service team, no questions asked.


2.   What are Macquarie Mint’s contact details?  

Macquarie Mint’s contact details are below. Further information regarding our contact details is available at our Contact Us page.


PO Box 3080, Nunawading VIC 3131, Australia


1300 798 368


(03) 8456 8499



3.   Does Macquarie Mint have a mailing list?  

Yes! Macquarie Mint has both an eNewsletter and Mailing List that anyone can sign up for. To receive our free eNewsletter, add your email address to the field at the bottom of this page, and click 'subscribe'. If you would like to receive regular letters and brochures about our products, simply call our friendly Client Services team on 1300 798 368 and join our Mailing List.  Our Privacy Policy explains what we do with your contact details and other personal information once we collect it.


4.   Can I order from Macquarie Mint if I live outside Australia?  

Macquarie Mint  delivers to Australian & New Zealand addresses. For worldwide delivery options, please visit our sister site,


5.   My purchase was damaged when I received it. Can I return it?  

If your purchase was damaged in transit, is the wrong item or has been incorrectly described, we will be more than happy to offer a refund or an exchange, plus a refund on your return shipping costs. Please include your postage receipt with the package and return items to: 

       Macquarie Mint 
       PO Box 3080 
       Nunawading, VIC 3131 


6.   How long will it take to process my order?  

Orders are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, so please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. This time covers the processing of the order by our Customer Service team, Operations Department, and any unforeseeable shipping delays. If your product(s) have not arrived to you in the allotted time please contact our Client Services team using the contact details provided on our Contact Us page and they will be happy to help.


7.   What are Macquarie Mint’s postage costs?  

Postage costs vary from product to product. Please refer to individual product pages for postage price.


8.   I signed up for Macquarie Mint’s eNewsletter but haven’t received it. What could be wrong? 

Most email programs have spam filters which unintentionally stop emails that you may want to receive. To cure this problem you need to be sure that your email program accepts emails coming from With most email programs you can then set the email to a 'safe' list or as 'not junk', which will ensure that all future emails sent from our address are received in your inbox. 


9.   Where do you source your telephone hold music from?  

All our phone queue wait music comes from