Bonus Points

Bonus Points

Every time you shop with Macquarie Mint, you accumulate Bonus Points that can be redeemed for a complimentary gift. It’s our way of saying ‘thank you’ for joining our family of collectors.

You are awarded ten (10) points for every dollar spent with us. There’s no need to opt-in – your points are automatically generated and stored, regardless of whether you order by post, online or over the phone. To shop with your Bonus Points, click here.

Redeeming your points

You can spend your points whenever you like within their expiry period, and they can be put towards the majority of the coins and commemoratives we offer. Most items will have a Bonus Points total next to them that indicates how many points you will need to claim the product.

We also have a dedicated Bonus Points section on the Macquarie Mint website. It’s just like the rest of our site, but accepts points instead of money!

Once you have accumulated 2,000 points, you will also automatically receive our Bonus Points catalogue. Filled with products hand-selected by our experts, you may well find yourself the perfect treat.

Checking your balance

Feel like shopping? There are two ways to check your Bonus Points balance.

  1. Log in to our website - your balance will be displayed on your account screen
  2. Call our friendly Customer Service team, toll-free: 1300 798 368 (or get in touch via our other channels)


You are free to redeem your points up to three (3) years after your last purchase. For example, if you earn points in 2018, you can redeem them until 2021.

Any questions?

Please contact our Customer Service team if you have a question that we haven’t answered here.

To shop with your Bonus Points, click here.