Complimentary Accessories

To help each collector fully appreciate the rich history or background underpinning his or her new acquisition, we provide a range of complimentary accessories with each collection.*

Luxurious Presentation Cases

Each of the cases we offer has been specially designed to house its collection, complete with a plush interior.

Comprehensive Display Folders

Specially crafted for each set of coins or commemoratives, the folders that accompany them are richly informative and fully illustrated.

Certificates of Ownership

Further enhancing the appeal of your collection, your name is incorporated in a stylish, bespoke certificate.

Certificates of Authenticity

A Certificate accompanies each issue in your collection, detailing its specifics and attesting to its authenticity. Combining visual appeal with richly-informative detail, the Certificate helps you connect with the subject of your collection in a whole new way.

Informative Letters

Providing essential details and little-known facts surrounding your coins or commemoratives, each Macquarie Mint letter is an illuminating addition, deftly transporting you to key moments or places in history. You’ll receive more background information on the theme of your collection, as well as details on each individual coin.

*Accessories may vary depending on the collection.